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This is the flagship and impetus product behind the creation of Wisco Bonsai. As we all know, there is much debate, discussion and science revolving around the substrates we decide to plant our trees in.
I have no desire to enter into any debates about the merits of Japanese substrates (because they are good and work well), though I will say that I find it unconscionable that folks are using vital natural resources to ship clay around the world at exorbitant prices that will only increase as demand goes up and supply dwindles.
It was because of this that I decided to create a substrate completely sourced from North America, while still being on par with anything imported from elsewhere.
What I came up with is not earth shattering or re-inventing the wheel... It is simply a well thought out, semi-organic combination of components that work in harmony to provide a healthy growing environment for your prized trees.
This hand-sifted, sized and mixed substrate combines Pumice, Lava, Expanded Shale (Haydite), Fir Bark and a pinch of Horticultural Charcoal - all to provide excellent water holding capabilities, drainage and a safe haven for beneficial microbial life. The shape of the particles was even taken into consideration to avoid soil compaction in the bottom of the pot. These are also components that will not perceptibly break down over the course of normal repotting schedules in any way other than to contribute to the health of the "Pot-O-Sphere". That also means that it is re-usable ! (As with all "coarse" substrates, it is advisable to cover your planting surface with chopped sphagnum moss to "lock" the surface of the substrate in place, and reduce surface evaporation.)

Available in several sizes for whatever you may be potting up, I believe your trees will be very happy sitting in a pot full of Wisco Gold !!!


While I do offer different particle sizes, the "Regular" size is perfect for all but the largest and smallest of plantings, with a great mix of water/nutrient retention, air exchange and drainage. Available in 1 Gallon size bags for $10.00 per bag. If intersted in larger quantities at discounted prices, just shoot me a line and let me know what you need.


    There is not much that can go wrong with a substrate purchase, but if you are dissatisfied within 30 days, it is returnable for a refund of the purchase price. (With the buyer paying return shipping unless there was an error on my end.)


    Shipping substrate can be a little expensive due to weight. USPS flat rate Priority Mail is surprisingly the best way to go for something heavy like this (not so for something like a box of feathers LOL). Having said that, we will find the best way to get your products to you at the cheapest price (and that includes local meetings and pick-ups). Feel free to contact us first for a quote !

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