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What is Wisco Bonsai ?

The motivating ideas and philosophy behind Wisco Bonsai

The WISCO is short for WISCONSIN - (And the Bonsai is short for "A Tree in a Tray")
But you don't have to live in Wisconsin to pick up what I am throwing down !

Here at Wisco Bonsai, I cater to the serious (and not so serious) bonsai hobbyist. There are plenty of Pros out there catering to the Pro market, but lets face it it - most of us are hobbyists... However, that does not diminish our passion for these little trees in these little pots, trays, shells and slabs.

Much of what we offer here at Wisco Bonsai stems from wading through all the soil discussions and theories, fertilizing formulas and general conflicts between old knowledge and new science... (Both of which have their merits, though new science is winning out.) Much of the knowledge out there is frustrating in the myriad of contradictions and proclamations of what works "best". All of that led me to come up with some of my own solutions to those frustrations, much of which brought me back to the working theory of K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid)

My other personal frustration was the reliance on products from over-seas. Do we really NOT have some of the best "stuff" to grow our trees in, right here in North America ? Of course we do ! Do we really have to use awound sealant from a jar that we can't even read ? Of course not ! Does fertilization have to be complicated ? Nope !

So, being a "do-it-yourself" sort of person drove me to test and come up with some of my own solutions for these frustrations. The substrates, fertilizers, wound putty, muck, etc that I have developed are not earth shattering revelations... Just good simple horticultural sense. And all are sourced from right here in North America - no wasting of resources shipping clay and putty all the way across great expanses of oceans, because there is no need to do so.

Granted, my substrate mix is a simple, yet highly effective one, but all that sourcing of material followed by sifting and sorting and mixing is very time and labor intensive. But that is part of the D.I.Y. ethos. Anyone who has the time and inclination to copy my substrate mix is welcome to, if they would like, and I even encourage it (as long as you let folks know where you got it from !)... But for those who don't have the time or resources, Wisco Bonsai is here for you !!! The same applies for pretty much everything I carry. My inventory is simple, so we can concentrate on the important things - growing great trees !!!

All in all, the philosophy behind Wisco Bonsai may sound like a contradiction, but I D.I.F.Y. (Do It For You) so you don't have to D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) 

So - check out the products - I think you will like what we offer. 


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