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    It seemed to me that most commonly available bonsai tools were ill-suited to repotting really tiny bonsai (known in Japan as Mame Bonsai but I just call them micro or tiny or really really really small bonsai)... Now, I imagine they make tools for such tasks, but at what price ? Large price for small work ?
    Well, I stumbled upon a certain little tool, that I was able to alter, using a simple "jig", and create a very simple yet effective pick & tool for repotting your tiny tree.
    You will notice that it is very similar to a common "root rake" and it is, except for one thing... Well, 2 things actually and they both are about size... The size of the tool and the size of the price !!!

On one end of this 7" long tool you have the 2 prong "rake" for gently teasing out those micro fine roots. On the other end, the "spatula" for tamping down soil or generally moving things around in that tiny pot. And in the middle, a nice flat area to keep the tool from spinning in your fingers.

And the best part is that these are only $5.00 each !


    if you are dissatisfied within 30 days, it is returnable for a refund of the purchase price. (With the buyer paying return shipping unless there was an error on my end.)


    Shipping to be calculated to get your purchase to you the least expensive way possible ! And that includes local meetings and pick-ups ! Feel free to contact us first for a quote !

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