Don't let the term "Novice Grade" throw you off. These Bonsai Aesthetics tools are solid and priced right for either your first set of tools or a tool you just want to use for rough work, such as collecting or re-potting. These are the tools I first bought and while I eventually upgraded, most of these are still in use for such rough work. These are touted as Root Cutters, but I also use this type of tool for flush cutting when a concave cut is not desireable.


This from the Bonsai Aesthetics description as root cutters: There are two good reasons why you might want to use one set of tools for bonsai tree root pruning and another for top pruning. First, to protect your top pruning bonsai tools from harsh soil particles and second, because bonsai tree roots are often more fibrous and tougher than branches. Which is where root cutters come in. Designed and built strong enough for even the toughest old roots, they are essential if you plan on transplanting older bonsai trees. 7" Novice Grade. Made in China.


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